Suntory C. C. Lemon
Kotomaru 's greatest weapon in his possibly ongoing quest to defeat Thirst. Suntory C. C. Lemon comes in a bright yellow bottle with a white cap and green lettering, and contains "70 lemons' worth of vitamin C in every bottle." There is a red circular label on the bottle with white text that possibly establishes the Suntory company's founding date as 1980, but a clear shot of this has yet to be seen in or out of the Girlchan universe.

Nutritional InformationEdit

An average 47 gram lemon contains about 21.6mg of Vitamin C, so Suntory C. C. Lemon contains about 1512mg of Vitamin C. The maximum recommended dosage of Vitamin C per day is 155mg (incidentally, this is recommended for lactating male smokers above the age of 19, Kotomaru?) and the average total body level of Vitamin C is 300mg; in addition, dosages of Vitamin C above 1g a day causes absorption of Vitamin C to drop below 50%, with the rest being eliminated in urine. Due to the properties of Vitamin C, this makes Suntory C. C. Lemon possibly lethal, and definitely an effective laxative, antioxidant, and semen output increaser. Therefore, Kotomaru, being not dead, has an epic acquired tolerance for Vitamin C, massive cumshots, loads of antioxidants (and no scurvy!), and pretty much urinates pure Vitamin C. It can also be inferenced that the G-Fighters care about Suntory C. C. Lemon more than stupid water. It is also a real drink from Japan. The Japanese are not dead, and therefore, have an epic tolerance for Vitamin C, massive cumshots, loads of antioxidants (and no scurvy!), and pretty much urinate pure Vitamen C. Their opinions on stupid water are unkown.

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