Maytag is Galacticamaru's 12th Bushido Blaster Buster Captain who bears an uncanny resemblance to a pretty girl. She has the unique ability to price tag anything (or anyone). Right upon seeing Maytag, Kenstar developed romantic feelings for her. It is unknown if Maytag reciprocates those feelings. She also has a heated rivalry with Girlchan (pricing her at -$50,000,000,000 to which Yusuke sarcastically agrees). Maytag claims to be a cat—her catchphrase "nya", Naruto-like whiskers and Egoraptor himself[1] support this notion.

Battles Edit

Guy - Episode 3 Edit

After explaining her special ability she instantly tagged Guy ($10), Yusuke ($100) and Girlchan (-$50,000,000,000). Since no one else in the party had sufficient confidence to try to best her tagging ability, Guy had to use his number one ability and defeated her, sacrificing himself in a deadly kamikaze explosion (however, due to reasons unknown, he was very soon resurrected). Aside from tagging a few members of G-Fighters, she didn't display or mention any combat moves.

Quotes Edit

  • Nyaaa~~!

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