Kotobaru-San-Sama Full
Physical Characteristics
Race Unidentified
Personal Information
Affiliation G-Fighters
Status Alive

Kotobaru-san-sama (Japanese: コトバルサンサマ) is one of the G-Fighters. He is also stronger than Kotomaru. He can use the Shinken-Patsu-Baku-Matsu-Hatsu-Datsu technique, and can also read minds. He received training from the Mythical Bobcat Dragon-Demon Clan on the peak of Mount Hutsu-Maku-Hentaku-Bengkai. He always knows what to say, according to Kenstar. His skin is blue and his nipples are yellow.


He always seems to be tired or doesn't want to fight.

Notable actsEdit

Kotobaru-san-sama used the Shinken-patsu-baku-matsu-hatsu-datsu technique in Episode 1.[1] In Episode 2, he gives paper to Guy so that he can write his will, and Kotobaru-san-sama also eats his monocle. He also agrees with Kenstar to stop and rest, after reading his mind.[2] In Episode 3 Kotobaru-san-sama passes the flapjacks and syrup to Yusuke and also whispers in Kotomaru's ear twice, asking why Guy is the one with the wrist communicator in the group and stating Guy's number one ability being his only one.[3]


  • "Don't forget the syrup!"
  • "He would never give us a free meal."
  • "Why does he get to wear the Wrist Communitcator?"
  • "And by that he means the only ability he has..."
  • "We're doomed!"


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