Physical Characteristics
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Affiliation G-Fighters
Status Resurrected

Guy (Japanese: ガイ) is a secondary character of Girlchan in Paradise. As one of the G-Fighters, he serves as a comic relief character with little actual fighting ability. He was priced as $10 by Maytag.


Guy is generally uncertain about things, always the first to ask "How will we ever defeat this unstoppable force of power?" Sometimes he is even ready to surrender before the fight has started. He is also easily impressed by the fighting skill of his companions.

As a G-FighterEdit


Guy carries a wrist communicator on his left arm which allows him to receive transmissions from an outside source known as Wrist Communicator HQ. These communications keep the G-Fighters aware of special events that require attention.

Fighting skillEdit

As a fighter, Guy is believed to have only one technique, an unnamed, yet powerful Self Destruct ability.


Technique Description Background Images
Number 1 Ability


The user latches onto the victim, and then they both proceed to glow white and tear apart in a mildly explosive manner. This technique kills the user as well as the victim. It is possible that this technique eliminates any opponent in one shot. Guy was able to defeat Maytag, Captain #12, by sacrificing himself with this technique. However, after some out-of-character bickering with Kenstar, he came back to life shortly after. According to Kotobaru-san-sama, this is Guy's only technique. Self-Destruct1

Characters DefeatedEdit

Maytag (Captain #12) - Episode 3Edit

On the 78th floor of a very tall tower, the G-Fighters found the two twins of Thermopolaye where they were held hostage by Maytag, Galactica-Maru's twelfth captain. Kenstar admitted that he did not have an ability to defeat her "Tagging" technique, Guy decided it was time to use his "number one ability." He died a hero (but certainly not an hero) in the process, but almost immediately returned to life from the writers of the show having an argument and Kenstars' voice actor finally giving in to Guy's voice actor to write Guy back into the show.[1]


  • I'll have to use my number one ability!!
  • Write him back in!
  • Wowee wowee zowee!! My wrist communicator is getting a transmission!
  • How am I supposed to take care of my family with three episodes of this stupid... show?!
  • Why the nya?
  • Wait, hold on a second, my character dies?!
  • I am no longer dead!
  • Ok, there we go.
  • The shikenbatsubakumatsuhatsutatsu technique? Are you serious? How did you even manage?
  • Does anyone have paper? I will write my will now.
  • This guy... doesn't mess around.
  • Last time this happened, he destroyed a whooooole kitchen!


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