Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson, a once respected member of the animation community and the creator and animator of the Girlchan in Paradise series, is now known for a popular YouTube channel called "Game Grumps" that he runs with his associate, Danny "NinjaSexParty" Sexbang, where they make shitty jokes about shovelware. On Girlchan in Paradise he voices Kenstar, Kotomaru, Kotobaru-san-sama, Swirly Glasses and some secondary characters.

He halted production on Girlchan because he didn't want to ruin the perfect ass grove he made in his couch.

Former Gam Grumps costar Jon "Jontron" Jafari was asked to guest star in girlchan, but he stated he was too busy cumming on Arin's wife's face.

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